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Give your customers an easier way to order pizzas for delivery with this free Pizza Delivery App from Jotform. All orders are stored in your Jotform account, ready to be viewed, prepared, and delivered by you and your team.Need to make other changes to this Pizza Delivery App template? Drag and drop to add your company logo, change fonts and colors, and make other design updates with no coding.

Then, they are immediately recognized each time they launch the app. Display your restaurant(s) on a map and help your customers restaurant app builder find you instantly. Points are detailed with text, photos, videos or sound to help you describe your establishment.

Digital & QR code menu

With an app builder like UpMenu, you simply pay $49 a month, instead of thousands for restaurant mobile app development. Moreover, the app’s interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a pleasure for customers to browse and place their orders. The user-friendly design, combined with the convenience of ordering through a mobile app, makes it an attractive option for customers and can lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty. Many people recognise the usefulness of apps, but the reason a lot of people don’t create their own is that they assume it’s a really difficult process. Despite public misconceptions, building an app isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, it can be incredibly easy when you use a no-code online app builder.

  • Offer your customers a loyalty card enabling them to save money.
  • You might be wondering why you should be thinking about restaurant app development in the first place.
  • Group similar foods together just like you would with a traditional menu for quick and easy selection.
  • Your app will be cancelled on the day your account is cancelled and will be unpublished from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • A featured loaded restaurant app created with Appy Pie AI food ordering app maker can help you to increase your return on investment in every manner.
  • The hospitality industry was impacted heavily, and those with an online presence and an app fared better than those without.

This not only attracts new customers but also encourages existing customers to keep coming back for more. Overall, a restaurant mobile app builder is an impactful tool for increasing customer loyalty and engagement. By offering personalized experiences and incentivizing frequent visits, you can establish more meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your customers. With a restaurant mobile app builder, customers can easily customize their orders based on their dietary preferences, such as gluten-free or vegetarian options.

Create an app for your restaurant

For your customers who want to, offer payment outside the app, at the delivery or at the restaurant in case of click and collect. No need to enter their credit card in the app, your customers can validate their order and then pay it, in full transparency. Unlike external delivery platforms that you may join, GoodBarber does not take any commission on sales made in your restaurant’s app. This Restaurant Digital Menu app allows you to put all your menu items in a digital space, which can be viewed on a mobile device as a native app, or online as a web app. With room for item descriptions, prices, and mouthwatering photos, it’s sure to catch potential guests’ eyes. Many offer tiered plans that allow restaurant businesses to build, host, and maintain their app all for less than $100 a month.

Increase engagement with your brand via social media integrations. Your users can access your Facebook and Twitter feeds without leaving your app. Trigger notifications and messages based on a customer’s location, time, and segment. Notifications can contain discounts, updates, special offers and more. One click payments and the ability to add unlimited categorized listings makes it easy to create a food ordering or m-commerce app.

Simplified Reservations and Table Booking

No coding required — just drag and drop to add or change form elements, choose custom color schemes to match your branding, upload your logo, add payment integrations, and more. Give your customers the option to order ahead from any device and sell coffee online with this Coffee Shop App from Jotform. A table booking app is a great way to build a micro-website for your restaurant. You can also create additional pages and add them to your app’s topbar with the click of a button.

restaurant app builder

That’s why we aren’t necessarily aiming at ALL your customers with this app. Prompts like this one help avoid mistakes, and customers are guided through the process. This feature can be especially helpful if feeding a larger group. You’ll quickly see if you have too much or too little food for the group.

Create an app for your restaurant or takeaway

With our code-free restaurant app builder anyone can create an app within minutes. Think you’re ready to take the next step in digitising your restaurant and start building an app? offers prepackaged restaurant ordering apps with EPOS integration, click and collect, table/QR code ordering, and customer loyalty interfaces.

restaurant app builder

You can also choose the minimum time between an order and its delivery or collection. In short, everything is done to allow you to control the management of your orders without affecting the organization of your kitchen. With Glide templates, you can have your restaurant app up and running in just a few minutes. Let’s take a look at some of the templates available for both internal and customer-facing apps — and how restaurants can use them. Customers will receive personalized promotional offers based on their previous orders. Restaurants can also use the event app builder to create a separate events application and share restaurant events such as guest chef/bartender, singles nights, and karaoke nights.

#3 Creating your personalised restaurant app

What’s great about Glide is that it makes it easy to create a polished, professional-looking app with no design experience required. Once you’ve uploaded your spreadsheet or chosen your template, you can use our simple design interface to add features and customize your app’s look and feel. Add your restaurant’s branding, change the fonts and color scheme, drag-and-drop new components, and more — Glide makes it easy to make your app both functional, and beautiful. But if you want a professional feel with features like data capture and push notifications that help you build loyalty that brings your customers back for more – you may need a hand. Studio Store apps are created by a professional design team, so you know that you’re not sacrificing your brand image with your budget.

restaurant app builder

It lets you bundle multiple forms in one app, so you can access our Restaurant Inventory Template and other kitchen forms from anywhere. Supervisors or employees can open the app on any smartphone, tablet, or computer to record stock inventory, report on kitchen operations, and track daily cleaning. This Kitchen Inventory App is ready to use as is, but feel free to make any modifications if necessary. Without any coding, you can add forms, text, images, links, and more. You can even change the name, icon, and splash page for your app for a fully-custom design! Monitor food usage and keep track of your inventory more efficiently with a custom Kitchen Inventory App for your restaurant.

Why Do You Need a Restaurant App?

When ordering and making payments, customers should find the experience as effortless as perusing the menu. Our app builder allows you to customise your restaurant’s stamp card and even create midpoint offers to keep your customers coming back. “The mobile app has made ordering so much easier and faster, and the design is so clean and minimalistic! With Studio Store you get all the features you need, bundled together with hosting and maintenance for a great value price. The initial outlay for an app can seem high, especially for smaller businesses, but there are ways you can save money. From using a simple stock design to sticking to basic features initially, you will save some money, and these can all be updated later down the line.

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